i want to make a sample of your tears and turn them into fairy dust and snort them up my bum

i get this a lot

i saw somebody today who i fondly (internally) refer to as “the one that got away”. i’ve met him twice in my whole life but when i first met him like 6 years ago i thought he was really funny and sweet. i was friends with the girl who was dating him for a bit, but then she cheated on him (and thought it was funny?) so i full-on exiled her. all for my unnecessary loyalty to a guy who doesn’t know i exist rofl

it’s weird to think if anybody thinks of you innocently in that way… you wouldn’t even know it. i wonder if i’m anybody’s “one who got away”?

ha more like “the one who won’t go away”, or perhaps “the one who corrupted my innocence”

perhaps even “who?” hahaha! pfft

i just drove up the huge tesco parking lot swirly ramp thing! i’ve developed some unreasonable fear of it over the years and there was really no need. YAY

just had a huge row over the phone with a man at customer services and hung up on him, only to find he was completely correct the whole time

NOOOOO brb drowning in an unstoppable wave of guilt

it really grinds my gears when you try to arrange meeting up with someone and they just ignore you lol. like wow at least make a lame excuse, don’t just flat out give me the snub. rude. people are shitty

i knoooowww! ^_^ i couldn’t fully show my gratitude bc with my probation ending soon i wanted to seem like A Professional. so i was all “what a delightful scent. are these narcissi? hurr hurr”what a nob

i knoooowww! ^_^ i couldn’t fully show my gratitude bc with my probation ending soon i wanted to seem like A Professional. so i was all “what a delightful scent. are these narcissi? hurr hurr”

what a nob

last week the boss of the ENTIRE business left a vase of daffodils on my desk and said he noticed i’m always looking at flowers on the website and thought it would be nice for me to have some real ones.

they smelt really nice and it was ~that time of the month~ so i got all emotional and nearly teared up but managed to reign it in.

he gave me another vase yesterday so my desk is slowly being overtaken by a sea of daffodils rofl

next month is gonna be a big month for me. my second adventure abroad, spending a week in seoul, korea. i’m getting jittery about it now because it’s so crazy exciting. i was going to take a big case of luggage, but a 13 hour plane ride with an unreasonable fear of my suitcase being lost would be too much to handle.. so now i’m just gonna take a cabin bag with essentials (and wear all my clothes on the plane hehehe.)

me and alice decided to fast game of thrones episodes until then, so i’ll have basically the whole series to take with me for the long plane ride! heaven! then i get to blissfully marathon it muahaha.

after i booked the korea trip i discovered the next day that one of my favourite bands THE FLAMING LIPS were touring while i was away… but recently i found out i get back to manchester 10 minutes before the gig starts!!! not made my mind up yet because I will have been up since 3am that same day but, i’m considering going!

at the start of may i am getting porcelain veneers on my two front teeth. i’ve managed to chip them within the last 6 months (up to a year maybe?) without even noticing. can’t wait to get it done, mostly so i stop rubbing the cracked bit of tooth with my tongue 24/7.

oh yes and another big thing is coming up. next wednesday i find out if i get to keep my job and get a pay rise. i keep thinking they’ll fire me. it’s hard to work out if i’m a truly shitty employee, or i’m just way too hard on myself. i’m scared… i don’t particularly love the job, but i need the money for my travels and i’m saving for a car lol. MATERIAL THINGS!

hmmm, what else? oh i’m going away this weekend with my boyfriend’s family for 4 days. we’re going to bet on horse races and eat burgers B-) i hope the burgers aren’t made of horse. it’s also my boyfriends birthday so i’m going to take a few presents along. i hope he likes them


on a scale from 1 to sansa stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush

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